PUBG is still one of the Best Game in the World

In 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground took the Battle Royal style to levels never seen before, but she would soon be overtaken by Fortnite. As the genre has grown and Fortnite is so much more than just a shooter, but one of the largest cultural brands in the world, Battle Royal is everywhere. Even Tetris is now Battle Royal.

But while Apex Legends and Fortnite continued to be one of the most talked-about games of the genre in 2019, PUBG continued and therefore was not secretly one of the world’s most popular games. Players are due to have less mainstream followers on the battlefield of the unknown, and they have to work out where the game came from and Apex and Fortnite Battle Royale attempt to expand the audience.
PUBG is currently the third most popular game on Steam, not far behind Dota. It is one of the top games on Steam for years and its player base has been declining year after year for the PUBG player base from January 2018. Remained constant And this is just a rough estimate of the players on PC, the platform on which PUBG has the most players.
PUBG Mobile was a big sleeper hit of 2019. With gross sales of over $ 1 billion, the game became the largest Battle Royal game for mobile phones, reaching over 50 million daily players on iOS and Android in June 2019 with over 400 million players. This was mainly due to a release in China, which skyrocketed sports revenue. China’s ban on video game consoles was lifted in 2015, so a large number of cell phone players settled in the country over the years. Addressing an international market has also been reported as to why PUBG may not be widely reported by Western media compared to the Fornite and Apex legends.
pubg pc
The game also has something tangible which makes PUBG less user-friendly. This is one of the main issues addressed by Fornite and other popular Battle Royal modes such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Since its creation as a model of military simulation Arma 3, PlayerUnogn’s Battleground has been a game that appeals to players with background knowledge of hardcore PC shooter and simulation. The early access version of the game, which became increasingly popular in 2017, was often criticized for broken menus and user interface. However, PUBG has become more user-friendly as the game is constantly updated. The user interface has been greatly improved, but the game still contains items of its origin, so competitors can start from scratch with the aim of increasing viewership.
Oddly, Fortnite was also born from another game called Fortnite. Save the World Mode, which was said to be the latest from Epic, soon fell by the wayside when it launched Fortnite as the latest Battle Royal. The game has made clever changes, shortened matches, improved the user interface and left the bleak, monotonous beauty of PUBG to make something more child-friendly and marketable. It worked and it didn’t hurt to be an independent game either. Everything, including the now important Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker exhibition, is part of Fortnite.
Meanwhile, PUBG continues to receive support and new content. PUBG Corp is making some major changes and is adding much new content in the upcoming season 6. The biggest innovation in season 6 will be the brand new Karakin Card Desert. The card is also equipped with the new black zone function, which is likely a type of red zone that Karakin specifically provides and which is said to include many interesting new environmental destruction functions.
Over the years, PUBG has continued to update the game, add new maps and improve the rough edges already in the game. The mobile version of the game is one of the most played mobile games of all time, which means that Fortnite’s lead over PUBG in the mobile phone market is quite small. It may not be the most streamlined game on Twitch, but PlayerUnogn’s battlegrounds still offer a healthy community in a game that quietly destroys the world.

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