Pokémon Go Lickitung raids guide: Use your strongest counters and movesets

As a part of Pokémon Go’s Valentine’s Day programs, Liktung, who is licking Pokémon, performs in a four-star raid. The Likitung is one of the original 151 Pokémon and received the second stage of development as Likilik with the release of the Gen 4 Pokémon. In the current Pokémon Go raid, Liktitung is a four-star raid boss. If you are lucky, you may also have the opportunity to catch a shiny version of this Pokémon.

Lichtung’s marks and weaknesses in Pokémon Go

If you plan to fight Lichtung, then you need to know the following:

Lichtung type is a common Pokémon. Lichtung is weak against all who fight Pokémon. Lictitung counters you can use: Primpe, Polivrath, Machamp, Broome, Harayama, Lucario, Konkledur and Toxicarok

. The best way to deal with a Liquitung is to go all-in with your strongest Pokemon of the fighting type. If you line it up correctly, it could possibly avoid many powerful McHamps or leukovirs.

Lictitung CP in Pokémon Go

Based on Lictitung’s previous presentations as a four-star raid owner, it should have the following CP fields:


  • Red Boss CP – 14,386
  • General Lictitung CP – 806
  • Weather advantage to capture Lichtitung (partly cloudy) – 1,008

Liquitung moves in Pokémon Go

Lichtung can always learn in Pokémon Go that the possible moves are listed below. If you manage to catch one today (February 15), the body slam should serve as an attack. Possible quick movements:

  • Leakage
  • Zen headbutt
  • Potential Charge Movements:
  • Hyper beam (normal)
  • Power whip
  • Fast (normal)

Pokemon Go Lickitung raids tips

Everything we know about Lictitung

Lictitung is a testament to how weird Pokémon can be – it manages to stick its seven-foot tongue into its 3’11 “body. As Eurogamer reports, Akanam, “a yakai from Japanese mythology, is a possible inspiration for Liktung because they look similar. Both Akanam and Liktitung have claws and certainly a very, very long tongue.”With the release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Lichtung received the second stage of development with the introduction of the Gen 4 Pokémon Lilikili.

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