Poco is now an independent brand | Xiaomi left Poco | Poco F2 launching soon

Xiaomi India has announced that it will outsource Poko as an independent brand. It has been announced amid rumors that the Poco F2 is under construction. Xiaomi launched Poko as a sub-brand in 2018. It was a small team led by Jai Mani, former Xiaomi manager. With the Poco F1, the brand launched its first smartphone which was very well received. Soon after its introduction, the smartphone became a popular device on flip cards. While Xiaomi has not introduced a new model, the Poco F1 is popular among consumers.

poco x2

Now the company is giving more power by making the Poco brand independent of Xiaomi India. The Chinese smartphone maker said that the brand would have its own team and follow the market strategy. Xiaomi made Redmi an independent brand in China last year. This enabled the brand to introduce the mid-range flagship as the Redmi K20 Series. With consumers demanding Poco F2 for Xiaomi India on Twitter almost every day, it should be a welcome move. This will ultimately allow Poco to compete in the smartphone market with its Mi brands of Redmi and Xiaomi.

“The identity started as a sub-brand in POCO has quickly carved out a distinct identity,” said Manu Jain, managing director of Xiaomi India in a statement. “The Poco F1 is an extremely popular phone for all user groups and will remain a top contender in its category in 2020. We believe that it is time for POCO to operate independently as a separate brand.

Jai Mani, former product manager at Poco Global, left Xiaomi last year. Alvin Tse, head of Pocophone Global, has recently been appointed GM of Xiaomi Indonesia. It is not yet clear who will run the Poco brand in India. C Manmohan is the general manager of Poco India. He can handle the reins of the newly established independent brand. With the certification of Poco F2 and Poco X2, Poco may soon introduce its second smartphone.

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