CALL OF DUTY: Modern Warfare reveals the final release date of battle royale


Modern Warfare Battle Royale

Anticipation for the duty community has been high since the start of season two, with leaks and news about the Warzone, which will be the long-rumored Battle Royale that will be coming to Modern Warfare in early 2020. While it is difficult to pinpoint rumors leaked through legitimate leaks, it appears that Warzone has an in-game currency system to buy equipment and support up to 200 players in a lobby. That would be twice as much as the last 100 players who claimed a 4K blackout for the blackout.

To compliment all the current rumors spread across the COD community on February 14, Leaker TheGamingRevolution revealed that Warzone’s release date may have been leaked through in-game files. TGR has determined that some of its latest videos have been charged with copyright infringement and explains why the video opens with a “fair use” disclaimer.

He points out that the release date is a “good guess” based on the information he provides, but all of these indications indicate Warzone’s release on February 18 in modern warfare.

CALL OF DUTY Modern Warfare release


This will take place exactly one week after the start of the second season, which started on Tuesday, February 11th. We saw some important patches for Modern Warfare on Tuesday, but this doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of this prediction.

Likewise, TheGamingRevolution has a pretty good record of leaks and forecasts. He leaked ‘gunfight’ mode before the release of Modern Warfare but was criticized by some in the Infinity Ward for noticing and receiving information.

As with all leaks, the release date provided by TGR remains unconfirmed until Infinity Ward or Activision makes an official announcement on Warzone’s start date. However, it is in fact, likely that Warzone will be in effect soon as the information related to Battle Royale mode continues.

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