Call of Duty: Activision files compalin against Reddit Modern Warfare Battle Royale Leaker

Call of Duty: Activision

Reddit has had its own fair share of spills in the past, with more than a few subreddits dedicated to sharing spills in video games, movies, TV shows, and the like. Last week, one of these leaks released a deleted clip that claimed they would be on call in the game’s new “Battle Royal” mode next month. Of course, Call of Duty on Twitter has gone mad, shared the footage like crazy on forums and elsewhere, and of course, Activision has ticked off a bit.

A YouTube video posted by users, which was originally known to TheGamingRevoYT, was subject to a copyright claim and torn from the platform. In the meantime, other players noticed that the Reddit Post and Twitter thread had been discontinued due to “copyright infringement”, citing the upcoming release.

Last week, a Redditor found a leak that appeared to be the cover for the new game, which also became a hit with a copyright claim – and some other legal action. According to TorrentFreak court documents, Activision has been actively subordinating Reddit last week to reveal the identity of the Reddit user who leaked the original imagery.


Instead of referring to the URL of the offending image in question, activism refers to the Reddit discussion thread in which the image was originally published, according to court documents, and states that “content” was published in this thread “against the exclusive rights of Activision Breached Copyright “. It is worth noting how TorrentFreak notes that technically any “infringing material” “Wasn’t that written on the thread – just hosted an external link that image on a website.

Summoning cannot do much to squeeze the initial leak. Last year, Reddit faced a similar case in which the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society broke the platform to topple “copied works” published by a Redditor, a former Jehovah’s Witness, identified as. Despite the company’s courageous attempt to expel its former member, it turned out that the courts were less inclined. After the First Amendment, anyone from anywhere in the world could rely on Benami’s right to freedom of expression, as Reddit was essentially an American platform and the first. Now, all we have to do is see whether these rights also apply to gamers.

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