Apple News App adds a dedicated coronavirus section on its update

The outbreak of coronavirus released by WHO (World Health Organization) has been declared an epidemic. Although the outbreak of quad-19 started in China, it has been spreading all over the world for the last two months and now the situation is such that with each passing day we have to hear or read cases of death and cases of infection. In a situation like this in the four corners of the globe, you want to keep yourself away from the latest news and updates, and Apple knows this.

Apple News is devoted a section for ‘coronavirus’

If you use an Apple device, you won’t have to search for ‘Corona Virus News’ or ‘Corona Virus Update’ on Safari because Apple has released the free Apple News app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Updated only with coronavirus coverage. General chat lounge

Apple News will now make the most relevant and recent headlines about the Coronavirus from several reliable news sources around the world and will feature it in the Apple News Spotlight. This will help people find all the important headlines and information about deadly outbreaks in one place.

How to open the coronavirus section on Apple News App

You can see the new Corona Virus section on your iPhone, iPad or Mac by opening the Apple News app and tapping the button at the top of the page that says ‘Special coverage: the most important information on COVID-19, all in one place’

The Corona Virus section not only contains recent headlines but also shows a set of useful articles, which show how you can protect yourself from infection, fox example, Coronavirus, how to wash your hands And approve the cleaner to kill the virus. This section also provides links to CDC tips for dealing with the coronavirus, travel tips, and more.

More than just news

If you want to keep an eye on the outbreak, there is a map of currently active events around the world provided by Johns Hopkins University that you can cite. Not only this, clicking on the link below the map will get the latest confirmed cases, a current number of deaths and the number of people associated with the disease.

Apple is a good example of how big tech companies are trying to help millions of consumers around the world use the power and logistics of their products and services in times of crisis to provide critical information.

Google Search and Corona Virus

Meanwhile, Google has recently refined Google’s search to find the term ‘coronavirus’ to include the Ministry of Health and WHO’s SOS alerts and security tips, reviews, and local ministries. Show questions and answers … Search engines have also banned advertisements that promote medical face masks as most of them were spreading rumors about the coronavirus.\

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