Apex Legends Mobile Release Date and Gameplay – April 2020

Apex Legends is coming to the Android and iOS mobile platforms – Season 4 is coming soon, can we expect its release before it ends?

Mobile games have become a major focus for AAA publishers, so it is not surprising to see that EA wants to advance Apex Legends in the mobile space. It will be in hot competition with PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, which is already installed on the platform.

Apex Legends

Although the EA’s Butt Royal has only given us a window as to when it will be released, and there is still limited information about it, there is still a lot of speculation and a lot of speculation.

Apex Legends Coming To Mobile

At the financial results briefing of EA CEO Andrew Wilson, it was announced that the Butt Royal Shooter would arrive on a mobile device.

EA will work with a Chinese partner to “Create Mobile Apex Legends, which will be released globally” as reported by industry insider and analyst Daniel Ahmed.

To turn on mobile in China, you need a partner, and as we said in today’s commentary, working with a partner there. “We are excited about the opportunity,” confirmed EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen.

Release Date

No official release date has been confirmed, but it was posted on publisher’s earnings call that it is expected in EA’s fiscal year 2021, which will begin in October 2020.


We will hear more information in the coming months, but the best place to expect information is E3 2020.

With the first anniversary of Apex Legends coming up on February 4, it won’t be surprising to see it arrive on time.

It would not be possible for them to announce something very large without a practical version of the game. – The deadline will depend on EAM’s ambitions to create a unique mobile game.

It is also worth noting that when the game launches for mobile, there is an impact on the planned season and promotional programs, so as to avoid interference and to ensure that the mobile version is not lagging behind.

Who is developing the game?

According to industry insider and analyst Daniel Ahmed, the game is confirmed to be in development.

Title publishers have confirmed in a Q3 report that they are working with a Chinese partner and will release the game globally.

It is unknown who will develop the game at the moment, but in the past, the company has turned to Tencent to develop FIFA Online 4 and need Speed ​​Online.

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