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Amazon One: Now you can pay by scanning your palm in stores

Imagine walking into a store, buying what you want, and then simply rotating your palm on Amazon One to take payment. What e-commerce giant Amazon is doing with its Amazon One experience.
Amazon explains, “Amazon One is a fast and convenient means of communication for people who use the palm of their hand to pay for daily activities in the store, present loyalty cards, enter a place like a stadium, or spoil more easily the highway.”

The concept is similar to fingerprint recognition but instead, Amazon will use the signature of the entire palm of the hand. Interestingly, this is not a future Amazon concept. Customers at two Amazon Go stores in Seattle can use Amazon One as an entry option. They will have the option to register their palm to pay in these two stores.
Customers will need to insert their credit cards at the point of sale, rest their palm on the device, and follow the instructions. “Once signed up, use Amazon One to access these Amazon Go stores, and you will hold your palm over the Amazon One device for a second or two, and you’ll be on your way. The company said in a blog post,“ It’s very easy.

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Amazon One payment will not be limited to the Amazon store only. The company also wants to expand it to other retail stores and other places. No Amazon account is required. A person needs a mobile phone number and a credit card.
So why not have a palm and fingerprints? Amazon said, “One reason is that palm recognition is more private than some biometric options because you cannot identify a person by looking at a picture of their palm. To use it, one has to as well as it requires deliberate gestures when placing the palm on the device. It is contactless, and we believe customers will appreciate it, especially nowadays. “

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