10 Best On Page Optimization


On page Optimization

In On-page Optimization, we check our website errors according to the terms and conditions of the search engine and find them and rectify them to make our website SEO friendly.


10 Best On-page Optimization

  1. Title Tag Optimization: Your page title is one of the most important activities in on-page optimization. Each of you page should have its unique title including the keyword of the page.Syntex of Tile Tag Optimization is
  2.  Meta Description: Meta description is an important place to include all keywords related to thecontent of the page because it is used when the page is listed in goolge. Syntex of Meta Description is
  3. Meta Tag Optimization: For each page we an asign some keyword in the form of meta tag, these keywords must me relevent to the content provided in the page. The Syntex for meta tag optimization is 
  4.  URL Structure: URL for each of your pages must be Search Engine Friendly. It have seen that a shorter urls perform better. Also it is always recommanded to add your keyword of that page in its url. For Example: site.com/keyword
  5.  Image and alt tag Optimization: We do image and alt tag optimization to help goolge read our image easyly. If all of our image have a title then google will treat them as a page title. Syntex to check Image and alt tag optimization is ””/
  6. Header tag Optimization: While writing an article we should divide the post into smaller sections and paragraph to make it easier for the user to understand. This division can be given heading as H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags. Generally, H1 tags are for the main title, H2 and H3 tags are used two or three times in a page and H4 and H5 are used five or six times in a page.
  7.  Canonical issues:When a single website opens with two different URLs, it is called Canonical Issue. For e.g. www.abc.com & abc.com. If a website has a canonical issue then google may penalize that website. Syntex of Canonical issue is o Syntax
  8.  OG tag: when we share our website in any social networking websites, the title and description automatically come up and this is done by OG tags. It is done to make our website attractive in social networking websites. Syntex of OG Tag are o     and
  9. Keyword Density: Including your keyword throughout the content is really important as it helps search engine to rank your content. But using it repeatedly or overusing a keyword just for crawler may create a negative effect on the eves of google. So try to keep your keyword density in between 2 to 5 percent.
  10. Internal linking: Internal linking is more important than linking to other websites as it will help the user to make more interaction with your website which will increase the chances of conversion. internal linking is basically linking to other pages of your own website.

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